#ForPortugal Coffee is what unites us

The campaign launched by the coffee brands of the MZBI Group to support the restaurant sector will be extended to Zwypit, a new communication platform that replaces physical menus with digital menus accessible on the client’s smartphone through a link provided by the restaurant.

The solution is being presented by the team of salespersons who explain how clients can use this solution through their smartphone browser to access slides created by restaurants showing the menu, wine list, special menus, reservations, partnerships, news, promotions, etc.

As an incentive to join Zwypit, the Massimo Zanetti Beverage Ibéria S.A. Group will pay for 50% of subscription costs, a contribution that may reach €70,000. Additionally, the cost may be an expense eligible for the ADAPTAR Program launched by the government to support micro enterprises and SME.

Zwypit subscription plans include a trial period, slides that are intuitively created and edited in the platform using various templates available exclusively to restaurants, direct contact buttons and real time analytics. The membership price varies from €7.50/month for 1 restaurant to €55/month for up to 10 restaurants. All information is available at

This measure includes the campaign #ForPortugal Coffee is what unites us included in the digital platform and on sugar packets of the 3 coffee brands as of mid-June. “Always return to your favourite café or restaurant” is the invitation made in unison by the 3 coffee brands of the MZBI Group.